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Project Description
Lets you see postscript and encapsulated postscript (PS and EPS) files from W7 or Vista explorer or Outlook 2007 (seperate ghostscript install required)

Not many people get postscript files emailed to them, or have postscript files just sitting around on their disk. But if you do, they can be a bit of a pain. Unlike PDF files, you have to double click them to see their contents. The Window's explorer's preview pane does not show you their contents. Same if they are sent as an attachment in Outlook 2007.

This small project attempts to fix that by adding PreviewHandlers for postscript and encapsulated postscript to your system:
PSPreview In Explorer.png

ghostscript is used to render the images and must be seperately installed or this will not work! The current version of this project has been tested against version 8.70, though there is no reason other versions won't work.

Other preview handlers could be added to this package (hence, the name). For example, ROOT files? What else? Leave a comment or add an Issue.

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